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Scroll down and peer into the future

[ What we do ]

We support companies and institutions in forecasting how the market in which they operate will change in the medium and long term.

Most agencies and companies focus on the ‘here and now’. On temporary fads, elusive buzzwords and packaging the present into a shiny offer. We, as FutureOf X, reach deeper, so that you can look further and prepare for change. We create a foundation on which you will build strong, resilient business and unwavering marketing strategies.

  • Observe the change
  • Understand what the future brings
  • Consider the possible scenarios
  • Take the right actions
  • Be ready for tomorrow
You can call us trendwatchers, you can say that we are forecasters, innovators, strategists, change analysts or business consultants. But the truth - just like the future - is much more complex. There’s no one and only shape of it. We want to show you the whole picture, connect the dots and help you make more accurate decisions.
We believe that the present contains a collection of turning points that indicate possible future paths. To notice them you need to implement interdisciplinary thinking, diverse experience and see beyond your own industry. Thanks to our expertise and generalist skills, we will help you achieve these goals and adapt to upcoming change.

Why forecasting?

  • Identification of key opportunities and threats
  • Framework for systematic exploration of change in the future
  • Future-proof strategies and visions
  • Standby for disruptions and unexpected situations
  • Unique knowledge and non-obvious connections

Why us?

  • Interdisciplinary team of experts
  • Building long-term relations
  • Unique process and methodology
  • Experience with global brands
  • Storytelling way of analytics and forecasting

[ People ]

Adam Przeździęk

[ Founder, Head of Analysis & Forecasting ]

Founder of the FutureOf X forecasting studio, trend analyst, brand consultant and speaker. Creator of one of the most influential and the longest-running independent blogs in Poland on trends, technologies and social phenomena - Mediafeed.pl. Advisor to management boards and CEOs in the field of trends and their application in enterprises. Jury member at the Epica Awards, expert at SAR's Marketing Communications Sector Competence Council. Addicted to sports.

Łukasz Czubak

[ Co-founder, Head of Strategy ]

Creative soul, copywriter, brand strategist who combines a thorough academic education (Sociologist of Advertising and a postgraduate degree in Advertising Management) with almost 15 years of professional experience. As a senior copywriter, he worked for 7 years at the GONG agency, managing a team of copywriters and designers. For the last 4 years he has been Creative Director at the creative boutique - Czuły Copywriter

Adam Maliszewski

[ Head of Media Relations ]

Expert on media relations and a sociologist. He specializes in creating communication strategies and provides communications management in critical situations. He devised his own Concierge method in the area of customer experience design. A consultant for the Brief magazine. He is the co-founder of Loudy, a public relations agency. Last but not least, he works as a facilitator, and also as an academic teacher.

Julia Piotrowska PhD

[ Senior Researcher ]

PhD in Humanities, copywriter and proofreader, research and teaching associate. She specializes in content creation, and at FutureOf X she is responsible for research in English and Polish. Her strengths include agility in the digital world, inquisitiveness and the ability to find interesting, complex data on any topic.

[ Values ]

We are FTRX a pack of change analysts who will show the future path for your brand.

  • F is for Future-oriented and Flexible
    Because we are always curious, innovation-seeking, non-judgmental experts who search for the best possible solutions for your project. We always bring a new and different perspective to the table.
  • T is for Tenacious, Transparent & Tranquility
    Because we never give up and are always looking for answers, patiently peeling off the layers, to see the true nature of things, and look beyond the future horizon.
  • R is for Rational and Relationship
    Because we work with people not with brands, always in the long run, always listening and analyzing what is the real need of our partners. After 10 years in the market, we can admit that this approach works.
  • X is our unique fingertip
    It's an amalgam of our skills and past-experiences, as brand strategists, creative storytellers, visual thinkers and sport/outdoor lovers, who are always energetic, positive and proactive both in life and when cooperating with our partners.

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Together, we create tomorrow

The market, consumers and the present are constantly changing. To become future-proof and stay ahead of competitors you need to make regular shifts in know-hows, gain proper knowledge and readjust your brand.

We'll help you stay in the game and change challenges in new business opportunities.