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Observing, analysing and defining trends that determine the future, this is what we are about. We advise within the scope of new technologies and groundbreaking inspirations. We support leaders in adapting solutions that set the course of change and allow them to build innovative brands, products, services and consumer insights based on the process of trend forecasting.

What we do

We are an independent forecasting agency that advises companies, organisations and public institutions to better understand today in order to operate more effectively tomorrow. We prepare brands for the future by setting strategic directions based on the leading trends that are transforming the way businesses and entire industries operate. Our analysis enables you to select the right action plan, work with the most relevant consumer insights and gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

We follow cultural and economic changes. We introduce new technologies and showcase their multidimensional impact on our lives. We help you grasp what and why is happening in the surrounding business and social environment. All this to help you understand how your customers' needs and the market in which you operate will evolve over the course of coming months and years.

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Scope of work: Field & Desk research, analysis and development of "The Pulse of Retail" presentation for the company's European top management.
Scope: discussion of changes at the intersection of value and customer needs, presentation of relevant leading trends and recent examples.
Scope of work: Strategic consulting and trend analysis of innovations in the area of brand communication to B2B customers in the Polish market.
Scope of work: Super luxury market analysis in terms of emerging global trends and continuous support of six brands from the LVMH group's portfolio in the process of transformation and readiness for new generations of consumers.
Scope of work: For 12 years, sustained consulting in the field of observation and analysis of market trends and co-creation of corporate communication of one of the largest energy companies in the world.
Scope of work: Multi-annual cooperation in the area of trendwatching and introducing new technologies and explaining digital transformation to the clients of a mobile operator leading in the European market.
Scope of work: Many years of cooperation in the area of trend analysis and communication to educate customers in the field of digital transformation and changes taking place in the retail industry.
Scope of work: Analysis and presentations for the company's top management on future-oriented approach and leading trends likely to affect the global IT services market in the long term.
Scope of work: Research on trends and signals of changes, conducted continuously for 4 years in order to identify possible development directions for one of the most innovative insurance brands in Poland.
Scope of work: Co-creating, in a trend, strategic and enforcement perspective, sales marketing for one of the most dynamically growing platforms of Polish IT companies, supporting the largest global car concerns in the design of Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV).
Scope of work: Develop research, outline leading trends and make recommendations in terms of digital product development for the retail design industry. Design and conduct a survey on brand perception in the E-Commerce sector.
Scope of work: Analyze the market, identify drivers of change and emerging trends, and recommend directions for development in the area of brand communications.
Scope of work: Long-term cooperation in the preparation of trend analyses and their further use in strategic and creative activities for individual clients of Rhapsody agency.

[ Who are we ]

We bring a new perspective to the table on what’s new, what’s changing and what’s next

We observe and analyse global horizontal changes and provide expert opinions and recommendations for strategic enterprise decisions and actions.

Ongoing forecasting process
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One flat vision of the future

Without conscious observation of emerging changes and trends, a company's actions and decisions revolve around one idealised scenario of the future. In the long run, this situation inhibits companies from understanding trends and preparing for possible upcoming changes and events.

By observing the current reality, we can draw conclusions and design scenarios for the tomorrow that is taking shape before our eyes.

Many scenarios of the future

The analysis of past events, combined with a careful interpretation of the present, enables us to detect signals of change, formulate insights for the future and understand where they may lead us. Their observation and in-depth analysis allows us to make better decisions and create the desired change. Based on them, we can build various possible scenarios of the future.

The future is not and cannot be predetermined. It is our activities and actions today that create the possible scenarios of tomorrow. Companies that work on possible future scenarios and observe trends make future-proof decisions and better prototype models, products and services.