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You cannot predict the future, but you can have a significant impact on it.

Have you ever wonder what the world will look like in the future? How will we travel, work and spend our free time in 2030? How will technology impact our lives? Learn about the key trends shaping your industry and impacting your business.

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From inspiration to innovation

No matter how your business looks, where and to whom you address your offer and what product or service you sell, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of change. Know what your consumers are interested in, what their needs are and how the market is changing. This is the only way to outrun the competition and stay in the game. Our job is to support you on this path.


Each project is followed by a Trend Briefing - a meeting and discussion with the client about the challenges, needs and goals to be achieved by our cooperation. Based on the received information, we propose specific actions and methodology, choose the team and appropriate resources needed to achieve the aims. This step is completely free of charge and does not commit the customer to further cooperation.


The next step is in-depth research and gathering the necessary knowledge. At this stage we use a full range of research methods, from desktop research to field research, trendhunting, interviews with consumers or the prototyping of behaviours and products. We have only one goal: to learn about the client's market environment and the potential trends in a given industry or sector.


Once we have gathered the relevant knowledge, we select it and present it in the form of an accessible presentation and/or creative workshop. Based on the identified trends, consumer needs and values, you can prototype more relevant products and services and develop specific marketing strategies. You also gain concrete clues to recommended future brand activities.


The target point of our work is to create a culture of continuous creativity, curiosity about the world and consumer needs in the client's organisation. Our activities are intended to create specific innovations and constant adaptation to market expectations. At this stage we move to permanent cooperation with the client and support them in strategic decisions and trend forecasting.

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Step outside your filter bubble and get a fresh perspective thanks to our expertise

Inspirational speeches

Whether you're looking for a speaker for a conference, strategy workshop or board-level discussion, we'll tailor our research and methodology to inspire your audience to ask bold questions and seek specific answers. Our presentations can be held online or offline. You can find sample speaking engagements and training workshops below.

01 Looking
into the future
Why a company should pay attention to trend watching.
02 Innovation
in commerce
A new impulse in the process of brand change. Why a company should pay attention to trend watching.
03 From Data
to Ta-Da!
In search of value from data collected within the company.
04 Trendwatching
Watching the signals of change that affect businesses.
05 New technologies and trade
How the market is changing and what to expect after the pandemic.
06 Future of luxury
Key trends in luxury brand communications.
07 The new generation customer
The impact of technology on the purchasing decisions of Generations Y and Z.
08 High luxury market
Key trends and an outline of upcoming changes.
09 A presentation tailored to your needs
Let us know what challenge your company is facing - we will support you!

Strategic foresight

Prepare for the change and risks that the future may bring for your company, sector or your consumers. With our professional expertise and systematic forecasting of the future using the scenario method you will receive potential courses of action for the future, prepare for potential changes and develop future-proof strategies which help your organisation grow even in times of uncertainty.


When you're innovating and acting on consumer insights, you need to keep an open mind. You need experts who can give you a different perspective and bring fresh ideas to the table. Who can advise on the projects you're implementing, the paths you're taking, and the potential risks your business may face. Our experience in this area includes working with global brands at the CMO, CTO and CEO levels.

Trend Tour

Do you need a fresh perspective on your industry or market environment? Are you looking for inspiration or new consumer insights? Let us take you on a journey into trends, to places and exhibitions where you can broaden your horizons and better understand technological and cultural processes. We organise trend tours for individuals as well as entire teams. Both according to our own program as well as the specific requirements of our clients.

Scenarios for the future of industry

Find out where your industry is headed, what the potential directions of its development are and what today's customers expect. Our tailor-made reports on leading trends and future forecasts will help your business operate more precisely in a competitive marketplace, develop new products and services, and better allocate your marketing budget and your team's time.

Future storytelling

You can present numbers and concrete facts, you can prepare complex reports and summaries, but sometimes all you need is a good story. Persuasive, broadening the perspective, allowing you to feel the role of the protagonist and feel the future with all your senses. We can help you write, shoot, design or record one. Telling compelling stories is in our blood. Especially those about the future.

Creative workshop

Some challenges require teamwork, and support from people with interdisciplinary experience and knowledge that goes beyond your own industry. We will organise creative workshops for your team on how to observe, analyse and implement trends and innovations in your company. Our activities will allow you to master specific tools and methods that will help you create better communication and marketing strategies and build a future-oriented company who embraces the change.

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Do you need support with strategic decisions affecting the future of your organisation? Do you want to open up to innovations and get to know your consumers and their problems better?

Call or write to us and we will recommend actions we can take to better prepare your company for the upcoming change. We are here to help.

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