[ Beyond ownership: Houdini’s commitment to sustainability ]

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  • 09_11_2023
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In an era where innovation and sustainability are key determinants of business success, Houdini Circle stands out as an example that provides new impetus. This unique initiative from the Houdini brand, recognized as an innovator in the field of outdoor clothing, challenges established industry norms.

Located in the heart of Stockholm, Houdini Circle is more than just a store. It is a laboratory of the future where customers can experience a new shopping philosophy – from purchasing, through renting, to subscribing to outdoor clothing. Houdini pushes the boundaries of traditional sales approaches by engaging customers in a sustainable consumption model.

This innovative project draws attention to the fact that most items in our wardrobe are not used every day. Some of them are needed only seasonally or for a short period of time. In response, Houdini Circle offers flexibility and customization while promoting conscious decisions and long-term value.

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The idea that sustainability and business success can go hand in hand is at the heart of the Houdini Circle philosophy. Eva Karlsson, Houdini’s CEO, emphasizes that the aim of the initiative is to create value, not to maximize profits. This approach means we are becoming pioneers in offering better alternatives to existing market models, making them accessible to a wider range of consumers, says Karlsson.

Houdini Circle is not just another expensive outdoor clothing store. This is a manifestation of a paradigm shift in the industry, where the consumer becomes an active participant in creating a sustainable future. The opening of the centre this fall in Stockholm is an invitation to a world where innovation meets responsibility.

For those, who want to experience this revolution by themselves Houdini Circle opens its doors at Norrlandsgatan 12 in Stockholm.

Source: Houdini Sportswear Journal