[ Don’t feel like visiting the museum? Then take a look at this concept! ]

Small, but powerful. This is how you can describe MICRO museums, which are starting to spring up in American public spaces: in hospitals, at bus stops and in laundries.

They are the size of vending machines and blend perfectly into the urban fabric. The miniature museums of the MICRO project provide a completely unique museum experience. This innovative form is meant to reduce the distance between scientists and those who are reluctant to visit official exhibition spaces.

One of the most famous mini-exhibitions is the Smallest Mollusk Museum, which is… the smallest museum of mollusks, which explains in an interesting and very cross-sectional way the last 650 million years of life on Earth of fascinating invertebrates.

Behind everything is a New York-based non-profit company, created by a team of scientists, designers, engineers and popularizers who look at complex elements of reality and then… lock them in boxes and place them in places where they will arouse interest: on pavements, in housing estates, at bus stops, in hospitals. All this to fill the public space with knowledge available at your fingertips.

The future of museology or just another step to popularize science?