[ Global Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2022. Triumph of Denmark and the dominant issue of cybersecurity ]

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  • 03_11_2022
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This year’s ranking which looks at the ability and readiness of economies to adopt and use digital technologies has been drawn up. A total of 63 countries around the world were surveyed in this regard. Scandinavians are at the top of the ranking, and the document particularly emphasizes the topic of digital security.

The Global Digital Competitiveness Ranking is a report available for download on the website of the IMD organization, i.e. the International Institute for Management Development. In this year’s edition of the IMD Executive Opinion Survey, as many as 54 development criteria were measured and grouped into three main categories: future readiness, knowledge and technology.

Key conclusions from the ranking

  • The security of cyber systems and the transparency of digital entities is essential.
  • Governments and the private sector must protect their digital infrastructure from cyberattacks if they are to continue the race for digitally competitive markets.
  • Economies wishing to develop a solid roadmap for digitization should invest equal amounts in talent, training and education, research concentration and R&D.

When it comes to the winners of this year’s ranking, Denmark is on the top of the podium – again after six years. This Scandinavian country replaced the US, which had to settle for second place – also for the first time since 2017. Denmark has excelled in business agility, IT integration and adaptive attitudes. It is the latter that is the reason for such a high position of the country with its capital in Copenhagen.

Another Scandinavian country, Sweden, is just as high in the ranking. It found itself just behind the second United States, which, despite its objectively high position, is recording declines in all areas. Especially those related to technological know-how. Countries such as Singapore and Switzerland were just behind the podium.

You can see a video summary here.